Hello world!

I have decided to blog to remedy my impossible habit of being critical about everything and anything be it my family or social issues about which I may not know much but deem it a right to hold an opinion about or even about world issues of tremendous importance. The power of simple thinking is fascinating because the way I look at it, there are simplistic solutions to everything right from world peace to my mundane problems. So that is why I have named the blog as ‘Just started thinking’ because I have just started thinking out of the box with a sense of logic and reason and maybe, practicability. However, the utopianism doesn’t seem to let go. I may seem highly opinionated, idealistic and random at times which is when I hope the readers of this blog will help keep a check on the useless spewing of words and thoughts which might be akin to belting out second rate literature.


One thought on “Hello world!

  1. spastic says:

    kudos!!!! .. definitely well said … seems lik something i shud hav started doing too a long time back….

    keep d thoughts flowin u anonymous blogger!! cause ur gud 😉

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