The ‘Learning’ experience.

“So waaat is the next step…?One, two, three should be on your fingers. Thaat n alll you will not remember. Emptying brain like thaat… ” This is the gist of the dialogue marofied (sorry, spoken) by one of the teachers when we were asked to recall some very basic and important stuff in one of the Law subjects. It was met with complete silence and I have to admit my mind blanked out, not all of it but it only seemed to recall the teaching by one of the professors at the beginning of the course. That wouldn’t help me here, trust me. So what have I learned so far? That I absolutely lack knowledge of Law? Or that I have lost memory recall power? Or am I just plain dumb? The funda is that as you grow older your brain cells just slightly denigrate but I don’t think that has struck me yet because I am able to bring to mind the stuff that I wanted to blog about. Infact, I made a list just not to forget because some things do need to be written about and known by everybody else. So if you’re reading this post, welcome to my world at the University. Somehow my mind does not reconcile to the fact that I may possibly be dumb because I wouldn’t be blogging then not that blogging is intellectual, really, it just gives one a chance to sound off and write some good literature (Hopefully, this is precisely what I am doing!) There are many other options but I think by far the most plausible one is that I haven’t learnt much and I’ll tell you why though my brain refuses to function and my eye-lids droop and I know I should hit the sack because tomorrow is going to be one hell of a day still…Simple pleasure of life: Writing (blogging). The rain. Silence. Music. Anyway before I digress further, I full heartedly admit that I absolutely do not know anything in a few of the courses taught here. That is not the most reassuring thought considering that some of them are basic foundation courses. I attribute this to the education system which we are so used to that when it is time to apply it or really know things, you fail. Learning the Law is more than just cramming a bunch of senseless notes and not really knowing anything because your brain at the last moment can only absorb so much. Really. I should have posted this on the day of occurrence itself because then it would have sounded more persuasive and believable in the heat of the moment sort of a thing irrespective of that, all I would like to say is that I, KD, II Year Law student know absolutely zero when it comes to some really basic stuff at Law school and regret having listened to the opportunitstic yet honest enough to make an attempt at really trying to learn the Law in a foolish over-the-top manner brain. Also, I lack editing skills because the above sentence is nonsensical and huge without proper punctuation. Yes, I tried to really learn the Law but it didn’t work because it was foolish last minute preparation. No wonder I got a real dressong down twice today but it helped put a lot of things in perspective.

Another thing that I wanted to post was about the new practical approach method which we are being exposed to in one of our courses. It is taught by an extremely competent teacher who knows what he is talking about and he is assisted by a student (Professor is just not it) from Yale University. The teaching methods which we were exposed to in the same course were way different yet similar. I know paradoxical but that is the way it is. In the sense, theory was given the same weightage in both the approaches it is just in the application and thought process that the western system of education showed its supremacy. The real-life quality was very evident in the examples that were given and really provoked you to think. The Indian system failed a little when it came to that but overall, the course, I think is going to be brilliant when you apply it. Like right now, my opporunity cost is high because I am losing out on sleep but the long term benefits of this post and blogging are more tempting so technically, I am in profit. Yes ladies and gentleman, I finally do know something. Also, I’d like to mention here that all my learning in school on the subject is paying off, thank God because back then I found the course interesting but way dry and a pain when it came to remembering it. The State board examination require of every student to mug (cram) in such a way that you’re familiar with the text back and front, word-to-word. I did try doing this but it never worked as a result of which I was never concise in my answers and neither topped my school. Not to say that I was THE BEST STUDENT but yes, expectations were high and still are. If you’ve been reading my blog, you would be knowing my apparent frustration at the working of the Law but recently, I attended a seminar which was quite enlightening when it came to the nuances of the existence of such dire circumstances. I particularly enjoyed two speeches, one by Mr. Sardar Ali Khan and the other by Mr. A.K.Khan. Mr. S.A.Khan brilliantly put forth his points in such excellent language that you would even forgive the use of too many cliches. The points were right there hitting you where it hurts the most as it was a critique of the Police Department and of the system that operates in India. In reply to that, Mr.A.K.Khan very effectively brought out the reasons why the Police Department is the way it is. Inadequate infrastructure (The justification given to my mother about the state of affairs at the haphazard office of the SHRC was that it was a ‘Government office’ and that we shouldn’t expect much. Okay we’ll not but termites and red ants? That too crawling over my favorite bags? Not acceptable. Really.), pretty okay salaries with not much incentives and a job that involves so much. He gave many more reasons and people have to understand that a ‘police-man’ is human at the end of the day, hence fallible. Sue me but the above line sounds slightly lame to me. I have yet to learn that perfection is merely an idealistic notion. And so is happiness and bliss. This calls for an explanation from me and I have been thinking quite a bit about my purpose in life and all sorts of other abstract philosophy. I was really moved by this conversation I had with one of my friends leaving this place because it just painted things black and white and I didn’t like it one bit. Usually, I see through rose coloured glasses so everything is pretty, perky, bubbly pink (I don’t know from where I got that but that stays here) but it was really something worth thinking about. The fact that people are doing things here to add CV value than the fact that it interests them and makes them happy is worth thinking about. So ‘real happiness’ if it does exist is not here in this place. I won’t lie, I am okay happy here sort of on a dream run so I am not going to allow anything to burst my happy bubble. Taking into account the several hundred opportunties here and the fact that I am not making use of it all, it got scary to hear one of the professors actually tell you about it and make you feel extremely guilty. It scared the living lights out of me, I swear. This was random but I needed to get it out of my system though it is not my best. To conclude with my resolutions…I will really learn the Law, (I was really humbled to learn that somebody thought I would be going for higher studies on a fellowship so technically, I need to know something atleast!), I will draw a line between my work and personal life, (Why do I get the feeling that I am transforming into somebody I don’t know?) I will not get super-sensitive and emotional, I will work harder (This semester I better buck up if I want to avoid the bad dressing down and disappointed stares), I will quit doing things last minute, I will be nice to all and avoid flare-ups and upfront,frank and biting talk and… ya, I will sleep a bit less that I used to and… Yawn. The list is endless and comprehensive in a non-exhaustive way. Forgive the use of hyperbole but I am trying to bring clarity in my speech as somebody back home said that I lacked that. So I am trying to remedy it but this is really not the right time for this. In case, you found this post remotely interesting even, let me know but if you didn’t, that’s your loss. (I might be coverting to this disinterested I-don’t-care-one-bit person but that is just not me) If you didn’t, I don’t blame you one bit.

Guess I haven’t changed that much.

Also, there is no continuity in this post, please excuse the author for this.


2 thoughts on “The ‘Learning’ experience.

  1. Sanjhi says:

    great blog, well thought out. all of your self is there. i knew you had an element of idealism but didn’t know it was actually utopianism. anyway keep this up. particularly speaking, innovative way of describing our whale from Yale. nice thought out way of letting out frustration.
    on a more serious tune, just take it easy. everything in life is not perfect. thats where our job will become important!

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