In a mo’

For the sake of sanity, the love of God, the Father and the Holy Spirit, the world and all the good things in it, the scarce bit of humanity, love and non-competitiveness left in me and the world, I have to maintain this blog to bear testimony to my life and what has become of it down two years away from school. Well, almost two years. At this time back then I was plagued by the boards and hoping desperately to make it to Law school and now that I am here, Hallelujah! Judging Amy sure didn’t warn of stuff life this but yes, it was a sitcom and I am stupid to be inspired from Amy Brenneman and her great life. All else considered now that I here, life I wish would turn back to I semester when I barely knew anybody and when I was just me…Uncaring, innocent and very much gullible. Hah, not to say that I am not now but yes, I am smarter now. (At least one likes to believe so but the reality sadly is otherwise.)

Anyway, cutting the crap, Law school is just brilliant what with no professors as all are being chased out by rebellious students (Where is all this energy when it is needed, like to change the world or India or in becoming politicians and really making changes?) not that I deny that Professors aren’t at fault and not that I am ‘holier-than-thou’ and ‘self-regarding’ as I can understand and empathize with the fact that teaching went out with teachers and Professors profess to know or pretend to know or do know but can’t express or just do not want to share (Oh hell, you fill in the possibilities) but anyway, I take recourse to self-learning. You fall, you stumble, you cry, you weep and you get up all shaky and pretend all’s fine that the world is sunshine and walk wobbly but you do. You have to. Don’t want anybody running faster in the rat race, do we? Anyway, so yes, that is Law school, self-learning, boycotting, slang, insults, bullying, justifying, explaining, bribing, buttering… And then there is pretense. Oh Lord, don’t we all but some more than the others. A lot more. Maybe to fit in or be a part of or be liked by a particular group of people. Unsurprisingly, this is normal in every university/school/play school, the only striking thing is that the exposure to the same is biting every time but after a while you just become numb.

Not to stifle the flow of intelligent creativity or a multitude of thoughts, I am going to have to cut this short as other important things like moot beckon.


If you can’t beat ’em, you join ’em.


2 thoughts on “In a mo’

    • juststartedthinking says:

      Thanks Rakshit! Reality check? More like an online personal journal minus the embarassing stuff though the overtones are more or less quite direct if one reads through the innuendo. Now I bet that doesn’t make sense. Really, thank you! 🙂 Makes writing a blog worth it. Hope you’ve restarted blogging?!

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