Part 2: Lost opportunities of a lost childhood of a lost child

Despite my claims of chilling out and taking a break, I am finally interning. Joy to the world! The bandwagon doesn’t let you do what you want to do and I am not exactly invincible to the power and neither I am so idle that home suits me fine. When I think about it now, it does. Sigh. Lost opportunities of a lost childhood and of a lost child. 😉 Ah…the wonders of hyperbole!

So curbing on all the expressions, sarcasm and “drama” we go on to important things like the world.

I have randomly decided to discuss ‘The Robin Hood theory’. Ever wondered why Robin Hood was a hero and not a villain? I do. Always had but now even more. It was easy enough to state the reason ‘inequalities of income’ for every single poverty or over-population answer somehow twisting in logic which was actually the reality given a name but I have never felt the impact more.

As I rode with Dad on his bike across some of the busiest spots in Chennai, I cursed and wailed at this fact that we were one of the few ones on the other side of the divide, the ones who had to come up painfully and didn’t have big bucks.

(Irony actually if I remember one of my teacher’s who commented to my friend during the Christmas drama because I had been complaining or rather whining at being made to Rs. 500 for a huge ruby red gown or whatever you call it to play Jo’s character in Little Women. Thinking about it now, I did fit in the character what with my general rebelliousness to those stupid patronizing play practices where one of my friend’s would “try to help” with my expressions. “If you could be a bit more politer in this scene because Jo is like this and the original says this and la-la-la.” Right. This might seem like a reaction to a bruised ego but it was justified when you have bias/prejudice/favoritism all rolled into one facing you. To be honest to anybody from school reading this, I admit I was also in that category but not often atleast not by people in school who’s favor could work wonders for you. So getting to the point this teacher quite laughingly told my friend, “But why does she have to worry? She is a rich girl. This is a small expense for her. In fact, it is nothing.” or something to that effect since I don’t remember the exact words plus I was not there so we’ll give her the benefit of doubt that she didn’t say anything more.)

Rich girl. 🙂 If only. But then, no thank you. I am content, well actually not because then I wouldn’t be writing this post. It is not the fact that I belong to the other side that irks me, its the redistribution. How can God be so unjust so as to give SO much to one and SO less to the other? What is the rationable behind the  1500 Crore Rupees+ 130 Crore Bunglow Mannat+ ownership of a six storey building + a 90 Crore Villa in Dubai+ investment in IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders belonging to King Khan and the bare Rs. 80 odd given to a paid labourer. On analysis, the following emerges,

He entertains well so he earns well rationale. Goes on to show that people would pay so much for entertainment even on their wedding where they wouldn’t dance or even their relatives wouldn’t but paid actors would. God the wedding just got more familial. People do not like to pay people who cultivate their food and other activities like those in the Electricity/Carpentry/Manufacturing/Transport sectors. (Merely illustrative.) So that must mean though this is a far-fetched argument, I absolutely mind if I don’t see TV for a day (All the saas-bahu people would just wilt under their perfect make-up..Oh wait, what about the TRP’s? We can’t forgo that, can we? even if the world burns like the Bombay attacks or even if there is a danger from a hurricane. I remember this quite well, how STAR and other channels were recording their ratings during the Bombay attacks and there were drastic figures for them. It seemed everyone did care for Bombay. Before that or after that you actually had a terrorist attack in some fictional STAR show. Guess terror sells.) or don’t take Sharukh’s autograph or don’t watch him sell Lux soap but I do not mind even care if farmers die, the monsoon fails, the Ministers are corrupt, there is a plague and that there are terrorists in my city. India rules. Taking my Dad’s argument that this is what channels have to do to survive. It is a simple matter of business, give and take. We deliver mindless shows where everyone cries and the women are subjugated and the men are autocratic and children are married and you give us your eyes. (Read viewership) Maybe I went too far with this but my basic point is that some people have so much in life, bada ghar, bada gadi and all that jazz but where is all their money going? I agree with the I earn good-I eat well-I live better in whatever order but is that fair on an equity basis? What big mountain have you scaled that you only eat cakes from La Boulangerie but that another person can’t even afford a piece of bread even a stale one at that. 

Before the thought ingrains in one’s head that I am advocating a Socialist ideology and that I believe that rich people should die, a disclaimer. I am merely questioning the redistribution of justice and resources. It is purely a thought and yes, meritocracy rules. Then again, merit comes from opportunities and when you can’t provide to all equally how can one assume that one is truly meritorious.

Again, I can turn the question on myself by asking that is it fair that I am paying Rs. 90,000 odd for a Law school education and spending money on things like coke and eat expensive sometimes and that the child who visits my home with her mother for work (She doesn’t work so there is no child labour.) has to seem so gracious for Rs. 10 to purchase biscuits. Where is the logic? The only justification that I can come up with is that each of us have some things we need, that hold us back in some sense we’re “deprived” as well and maybe the richest man is as well. We may never know but it is only fair that I accept that maybe Sharukh Khan doesn’t have something he needs, that money can’t buy.

I questioned further asking how the Government can allow for such hoarding of money. Of course there are taxes but practically speaking, will the impugned person be paying the full amount? Reality wasn’t difficult to figure when one has a well-read Dad and he figures that these people will be 1. Paying money during elections to different political parties to support them. 2. To the Income Tax officials who will reduce the actual amount to be paid. So everybody is happy. 

Still, so much to one and some or practically nothing to the other. Where is the rationale or justice? Where is this thought going, I have no idea.

Right now, at almost every traffic signal in Chennai, it is not hard to find a poor and hungry man/woman or child or a whole family. Take Haridwar itself which is criticized for putting up with whom we term “poor” people. I admit some cases are blatantly fake. Right now, my cousin needs Rs. 2 lakhs to set up a home on a property belonging to her in threat of being taken encroached by the Government for the purposes of widening the road. Another one of my cousins who wants to go to NASA can’t afford a seat in an Engineering College and has enough loans waiting for him already. Where do all these people and the several others go considering that recovery of loans is almost a business of the not-so-polite people?

I have no answers.



4 thoughts on “Part 2: Lost opportunities of a lost childhood of a lost child

  1. Rakshit says:

    Don’t know about others, but I for one have thought a lot about this, and the conclusion i came to was the same- there is no answer. In Gurgaon, there are the glitziest malls, the swankiest office buildings; that is what people see (rather prefer to see). What nobody looks at are the ‘basti’s’ that cater to this crowd. It’s all around us, and in such a BLATANT and UNABASHED manner, that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Now, this leads you to ask questions, both of society and of yourself, and guess what- there is no answer.

    But the lack of an answer doesnt we stop questioning it. The inability to do something about it doesnt mean you don’t contemplate the possibility of doing something. ‘Coz there will be a time when we will have the choice of doing something, and there will be an answer- eventually.

    Hopefully 🙂

    • juststartedthinking says:

      I really want to believe that we might have the choice of doing something about this but when I consider it in the proper perspective, I think that it is more of a policy issue and political to the core.

      I guess we’ll have to join politics then. 😉

    • juststartedthinking says:

      Gee, I am not that bad Z. Yes I listened to you and several others. PARAGRAPHS are our BEST FRIENDS.

      Happy all of you?


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