Life or something like it.

The story goes, you had two warring Kingdoms and one very ignorant Judge.  The Judge in all his foolish glory through his Jester declared victory on one Kingdom while the other just sat baffled at the turn of affairs. They had not expected this..this unpalatable turn of events having full faith in themselves as a competent warring nation but alas! fate did not favor them. The Judge was stunned himself at the crude turn of events and questioned the Jester if he was right. The decision was his, the thoughts his and the Jester replied that he had indeed only declared what was written in stone. He calculated again hoping that things could be changed but who can possibly change the writing on the stone? He explained the very sorry situation dolefully to the lost Kingdom who started devastedly while the other triumphed and rejoiced. Who is to say that things turn out well? It all came down to this said the wise old owl as he had understood the mind of the Judge: Turns out the better nation had awful looking chariots and unpolished weapons. The Judge was blinded by the gold and gilt of the other nation. Turns out looks do matter.

Oh well, neither could do anything and left the lost nation devasted.

But not lost.

Bon Jovi speaks my language. He has a song for the broken hearted. This is indeed for the ones who stood their ground.


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