Have you ever wondered just how limited one’s knowledge is?

I have and right now feel it more so ever like I know nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

Knowledge accumulation can be a painful process like I am least interested in say Economic graphs and the stupid rise and fall of a stupid line across two lines which has a simple theoretical explanation like the demand-supply funda. However I am super interested in Literature, Art and even Law. Like is a Municipal Corporation an industry? Ah, tough one to crack, that one which I am sure my Professor would agree because he has gone over it thrice now without making much sense.

I actually didn’t feel like writing but wanted to capture this deep self-realization that I know zilch after going through my real close friend’s blog which is wow. I will put up the link after taking permission but it is w-o-w. This on the other hand is shit. Like some personal daily journal in which nobody is interested because nobody cares, get it?

Hindi is beeyoutiful. Ah, the beauty of My Name is Khan songs. Absolutely beautiful. Great music.


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