Kahin kahin toh dhoop hai, kahin kahin hai saye

Why why am I wasting time?

Also Farhan Akhtar’s character in KCK is an illusion. No male would go to that extent of persuading a girl to go out with him. Oh well but if it is Deepika Padukone obviously the guy would go to any extent. Further, Farhan Akhtar is so well dressed in the movie. To everyone, DRESS WELL. Rule No 1 to impressing people. I think it is KK but he sure yells in that Jane Kyun song in the movie. He just blasted my ear drums off. Wah, what sur and aakar.

Hell I better get back to International LAA. Yuck.

There, he screamt again. Dekho hona hai, Aur Kyaaaaaa. Yikes.


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