Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2: Organization is so much fun! I should become Event Manager, Reflection for the nth time-No-nonsense, loving it-Sanctity of bonds is not really recognized is it- It is all so much of what works conveniently for oneself like self-interest all the way. Ayn Rand called this the theory of objectivity, somehow I don’t conform to it. I think there is some, some if not much sanctity in commitment and plan sharing. As in if you decide on something together, to go through with it together. It is ironic that people who are stuck up with these selfish or self-interested people don’t actually get it or if they do, they are so bloody weak willed that they allow their individuality in terms of the person they really are to be eroded. Sort of subverts the point of having a bond in place. I am thankful that this time around, I have not been had for or so I think. A relatively good day when one realizes at the end of it that one might, might just possess dry wit. Alleged power usurpation too.

Day 3: Slightly more optimistic. One of those days when your horoscope actually matches with reality. Makes you want to actually follow it. John Mayer, a total favorite! Oh the torture of projects.


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