Day 3, 4 and 5

I am running parallel countdowns.

One to end of this semester and another till the end of my internship when I am at home.

It is like one of those things when you want days to just quickly pass by but at the same time know that later you might miss the very same I-want-it-to-be-hurried time.

57 days to go.

Projects continue to terrorize, the heat’s killing, people are annoying and well, the world seems like a burdensome place.

1. I don’t get the deal with obsessive relationships and wish, pray and hope for my friend that she’d see the light of the day and dump the guy who no longer is interested in her.
2. I don’t get the deal with Professors who refuse to help with projects 3 days before submission even, citing that they’re busy. You’re not the only ones you know.
3. I don’t get the deal with working bloody hard at something and getting some jack ass to take all the credit for it including their self-thought prerogative to boss you around.
4. I don’t get the deal with Professors running a Plagiarism check on projects when their only forte lies in extending inanimate expressions to even live things.
5. I don’t get the deal with some junior of mine writing about the crushes she has had and now how she doesn’t have anybody another one cat fighting on a friend’s wall and writing, “You’re such a slut”- A term unheard of in school, at least I didn’t know it.
6. I don’t get the deal with friends whom you wish were always around not being there anymore and not caring about it even. You hang out with her more now, Seriously?
7. I don’t get the deal with working bloody hard, knowing bloody well everything, reading those damn judgments when a Professor marks you low because you can’t “present” it well.
8. I don’t get the deal with the other student who pours her heart out in every paper getting marked way higher for writing everything.
9. I don’t get the logic of how smart people here find each other and get with it. Both being smart is an impossibility.
10. I don’t like being ordered around or pushed around.
11. I don’t want to go anywhere on some weird trip without knowing its purpose.
12. I hate pretentious people.
13. I also hate, hate BAD dress sense. (Mine is decent, I think)
15. I love sleeping.


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