To the “Doleful faces”

Why, why in the world would you have that doleful sad face permanently. Why!

Not like you’re dying or being attacked or being mauled or anything then why in the world would you wear that expression.


To all such sad-faced and whiny (As in, “I want…” with that “Ahnn..” Like this whiny 5 year old crying for a doll. I bet 5 year boys don’t whine this way so clear reference to women here.) people, get a life.

Quit it with the “I-am-facing-Armageddon” expression and assuming that your life is so tough.

Sheesh. And I thought I was of this kind.

Hell, even I don’t have a doleful expression or so I think. It might be a cross between disgusted cum angry cum sarcastic…Oh well, whatever.

Oh there comes another one.

This one is the wide-eyed, pained, always-with-the-whole-world-on-your-shoulder, Oh-I-am-being-targetted and my-life-is-a-tragedy (though I have a well-off boyfriend and a rich Dad as conveyed by the person in question) look.

Aur Ahista kijiye baatein. Pankaj Udhas is the shit. (Not literally)


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