“I think”, “I mean”, “Maybe”, “According to me”, “The way I see it”, “I guess”, “What I’m trying to say”…

“They are all saying what I’m saying.” (Read as “See I am right!” (as always)) “We will be considered oracles if we do it first.”


The way I see it, it is all too much. Intense and deep research. Why should we re-search anyway? Somebody already has searched it then why re-search? Has that first person been incompetent? Maybe. Or maybe because we are a thinking race which seems to have God damn opinions on everything right from the latest flavor of a fattening high-cholestrol packed packed of chips to political situations to the next door neighbor’s hairdo. We think and we think too much and we think we’re smart. Ruins the whole, “What a wonderful word..” (Louis Armstrong) effect added with jazz about the simple life.

Ah. An attempted tinkling laugh. Husky voice, who hates me, must, as usual, be on the phone or must be amused by some silly scrap on Orkut.



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