Why do I always end up doing things I don’t like? For instance, legal writing – academic legal writing in an area which is not exciting or interesting in anyway. Why?

I am sleepy, I am bored and a bit hungry. Also damn riled and cheesed off at stupid resume requirements baloney. So what if a person doesn’t like to say legally write? What if he/she just wants to do what he/she likes to do? Is there anything wrong in going after what you like or doing what makes you happy? Oh yes, there is though last time I checked it wasn’t a Federal Offence to be happy but:
1. The intervention of the unbeknownest powers.
2. The stereotypical world where everyone has to be the same. We are all just the damn same and need to have similar resumes all boasting the same claim, “Look at me! I am the best. I have done everything that one has to do in Law school. I mooted, I published papers, I interned at so many law firms, I have good grades, I am interested in all laws and I am an interesting person. Hire me. Now. For details, call…” Add that with a fancy-shmancy formal suit and there you go. A creation of the damn system and you’re just like everyone else. Let’s all just sell ourselves, our souls and our lives away because they pay well. In a very cheap way, it is like I throw money and you dance to my dictates. Is that life? Really? Is that all? So much for self-determination and confidence. Bull-shit.

I might do that too. Sell myself away. Bid! Now. Offers till stocks last. Oh yes, you can pick the best at the most expensive law schools. Come one and come all.

The Monster’s at bay.


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