“Who the hell cares about what anybody thinks? Just follow your heart.” – Scrubs, Doctor Bob Kelso

It sounds so simple yet so damn difficult. I just wanted to put this down so I never forget it and hope that writing it down in words would have some effect, like it would penetrate right into the subconscious. Right now, all that is there is work – work, work – work, work, work – work, work, work, work…

Okay, I’ll shut up.

Then again, who cares what anybody thinks and not many people read this trash so I was saying, “Work, work, work, work, work – work, work…”

Hah. See, it worked! It penetrated through my thick skull. And if only pigs could fly.

And that was me attempting to refresh myself between spates of work.

Boss, are you listening? Do you even care you might just have a useless, un-pressured intern on your hands?

Point being, if there are posts next week, happy, complaining, stressed, pressured, you’d know I am back at work and getting screwed at it which is what a challenging, damn nice internship is supposed to be, like my previous one. Ironically, it is the same place, the same authority then why is it this way? Yes, he might have “missed me” out this time because I am steadily being lost into the world of the mundane, career related, CV bull shit stuff which is decent because I am enjoying what I am doing but still.. I don’t like being “out of the loop”, jobless and thought of as unwell.

Like the last few posts where I am ranting. Now that was something but that was also because it was (ugh) some microfinance, ESOP’s crap. I am sorry but if you don’t interest me, you are crap.

So, Boss, are you listening?

Nah, he is too busy having fun and forgetting that I exist.

The plight of the un-worked, waiting to work Intern. So much lost potential. The world should be crying.

Okay okay, I’ll quit the drama. But wait, this is my blog so I will dramatize. Besides, what is drama but Art. I should get an Oscar for just saying that.


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