It is time to quit. It is always the case that when things don’t go well or are not looking up, one likes to flee. It is painful and quite an effort to be brave and bear it all, to face up and be stoic. On an after-thought, I wouldn’t call it fleeing but an escape, to run away and not look back. But what do you do when you can’t escape and have to look back? What if all the places you want to escape to are so inextricably linked to your life that there is no other place to run? What if you are bound by necessity to hang on to some places, to same people? Why, why should one ever be bound by necessity? Why the relationship of dependency? Mutual benefit, bull-shit.

Life comes full circle but I happen to meet one person whom I had met last year at the exact same time. The same arrogance, the same dumb-ness, the same I-don’t-give-a-shit-and-I-will-talk-in-an-accent jazz. The woman takes my work and passes it off as her own and expects me to give her leads on something she has to work on. (She is in a higher capacity now as she has been recruited. Yes, SHE has got a job and works here as an un-intern.) Sure. Why don’t I even do it for you? Since you happen to be super brainless. Further on, she happened to mention someone whom I absolutely can’t stand now. Birds of the same feather do flock together.

Another important lesson of the day, in addition to the fact that merit never pays is that opportunities never come to you even if you are good but they are dependent on the sleight of hand, on discretion, on third-party intervention and to the fact that the person granting them might have honorable intentions but that is never enough. One needs to do something about it rather than hoping that their intentions would be carried out by somebody else the way they think it should.

Another thought, it is never enough to make tall claims or promises which you know you’ll never fulfill. Additionally, even the promisee should never expect fulfillment.

Short-changed, yes. Forgiving, no.


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