Today is the day you wish never comes back.

Screw it. I am sick of it. Sick of the damn internship, now.

You know it is time to quit when you’re standing on an almost dark street, attempting to hail an auto, bloody unwell because of a stupid summer cold and eyes that are just damn tired, dressed in black and white, feeling the damn heat, seeing a traffic jam build up in front of you, the autos that come refuse to go where you want to, accosting overly priced unreasonable and unaware-of-areas-in-this-damn-place auto drivers, feeling so bloody over-worked like as ass, feeling the bloody pressure to keep sounding well-informed and intelligent, meeting God damn expectations, feeling bloody used at 8:15 PM. Then getting a call a few minutes later questioning your decision to leave work post-8:00 PM and discussing a bloody useless and almost super loser of a case on a trivial issue of a random bloody Order of a procedural statute. Then being told to find something when nobody else can. Then why the hell should I be made to find it! I am not some miracle worker.

I am human. I am unwell. I am sick of the work. I am sick of the pressure. I am SICK of it. Have a heart, for the love of God and all things good and reasonable.


Shortchanged, yes but that doesn’t mean you over-work the damn person to make up for it. SERIOUSLY. Forgiving, MOST DEFINITELY NOT.

I’m through, I’ve had enough. I do not want your money or your certificate. Just let me go, let me breathe. I will research every damn thing, just let me go.


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