Cold Feet.

 But seriously, how difficult can it be. At the max, worse of worse situation, I will end up looking like a total idiot, illiterate and un-knowledgeable and make a complete fool of myself among people who don’t know me. There do not appear to be people from my Law School there so I am in unknown territory, among unfamiliar people. Who cares! Who gives a damn. Nobody will remember and if they do, they should remember me as one of the smart people there. So, I will not make it to the Swiss land but maybe that is not the right time or place. What is the use of faith in God if one does not believe. I believe, I swear I do. I will read up this Science and Business jazz and will do what I do best, faff and have a good time, meet new people and hopefully will come out looking okay.

Dear God, help me.



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