It’s simple, things cannot get any worse and I have nothing to lose. I’ve been told not to risk it for the next 5 months. 5 WHOLE FREAKING MONTHS! Yes, I am scared but that cannot possibly be taken to mean that I lock myself inside my room and never see the world. To hell with the Reval because whoever has taken those marks away doesn’t deserve to live. A few pond scums still do survive and are in positions of power. Talk about fairness, justness in Law school. You moron, you’re in the wrong place! This is as arbitrary and as subjective as things can get. So why expect any more from the system. Extreme realizations a 30 hours before the stupid exams, not good.

So yes, this is it. I will do everything for the heck of it and just will not care. This is shit.

Also, did I tell you. I hate phones!


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