For some reason, Google Chrome doesn’t open my blog window these days hence the links to poems without my useful insights on them in the title itself. Thank God for multiple browsers like good ‘ol Internet Explorer.

For some reason, I have always loved Tennyson and Lewis Carroll was a reminder to myself to keep dreaming, to dream big, to find solace in dreams, to not give up though the world around you spins rapidly leaving you in this stagnancy (Writer’s license) where you’re not moving ahead but neither moving behind which is not saying much, as in a way, you’re falling behind. Distinctions are beginning to matter to me now quite a bit. I call them ‘fine distinctions’, ‘the thin line bordering…’ and something else. It is drawing distinctions that do help, I realise, the distinction between what and who matter, what is important, what is not, the legal and the non-legal, fiction and reality.

I feel it is always fantastic to revisit or go back (Like the feeling of coming home, where you belong) with books, with literature, with writing – blogging, things you used to do and now don’t do any longer. What is even more fantastic is the feeling of coming home. The phrase has been used several times but I know what it means now even more. It is that feeling when you go back, when you’re at peace, when you’re at the right place – the place where you belong. Maybe you lost your way but the lights in your home are always on, waiting your return, the prodigal daughter to come back and feel at one with the world and the universe.

If you haven’t heard Vienna by Billy Joel, you should. If you haven’t smiled much off late, you should. If you’ve forgotten to smile, maybe you should practice. If you don’t feel a thing, maybe you’re growing up. If you’re lost, it is time to go back… home, to that one place which has always been there, will always be there and where the lights are always warm and welcoming.


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