Today, as I stood in the lunch line waiting my turn, I saw my junior with her Mum. The junior introduced her Mum to her friends (who didn’t seem very forthcoming by the way, not warm at all. I guess this has to do something with the junior’s attitude problem.) So anyway, I walk to our table and then turn around to see her parents sitting together, alone, side by side without their darling daughter. What is the world coming to. I understand the bit about feeling awkward (sometimes) when with one’s folks but seriously, you can’t abandon them to sit with a bunch of people who you know barely for two months and whom you’re soon going to get sick off and disgusted with in a place that can sap life out of you that you have this inane urge to run home and cry to Mommy and Daddy about the unfairness of the world and the problem of redistribution of resources. In the night, after dinner, during my walk, I spot the parents bringing in lots of good stuff for their daughter for her to share with her friends, her oh-so-precious-two-month-acquaintances. Maybe I read all this wrong but it leaves me with a sinking bad feeling in my heart as I stared back at the parents sitting alone at the other table. So wrong, so wrong at so many different levels.

What to make of people who attempt to grab attention by promising to reveal their secrets to you without knowing you and who in fact make it a point to unabshedly keep bringing the topic of their secrets up. No, it is not a case of a probable interest in you but just this sad plea for attention but why. I really don’t want to know about you or your life, thankyouverymuch.

What do you do with people who act cold towards you? Act colder.

What do you do about uncaring people? Who don’t have the basic decency to reply to a sad e-mail with two cents of their brilliance which is pasted all over facebook? You give up.

What do you do with the world when your heart has turned cold and you don’t feel a thing, neither happiness or sadness touches you? You realize you’ve grown up and smile wearily. Say hello to life and the world.

Staring at yourself suspensed from above, like as if you’re out of your body is an unsettling feeling. Staring forlornly at your Corporate Law Manual realizing that you’ve wasted a day of probable productivity is freaky.

Tea break!


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