It is one of those days when everything comes crashing down on you all of a sudden and you are left gasping for breath, for a respite from everything. I’d like to believe that I am not exactly a bad person but what do you do when the whole world is out to convince you otherwise, “she can’t understand what I am saying”, “you seemed like a sore loser then”. One sure does pay a lot for one’s instantaneous burst of emotions and here I thought being spontaneous is being human and honest. It is not appreciated. Period.

Like a very wise friend once told me, “You can apologize and try to make it up but you can’t crucify me.” Then why does every instance, every moment, every bad situation seem like judgment and crucifixion.

I am tired, so very tired.


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  1. namrata says:

    this may sound freaky coming from a random person, but the way you feel about things is exactly the way i feel. at this very moment. !!! i love your blog. it feels nice knowing that i’m not the only one and that life can be a bitch to a lot of people all at once. i feel less targeted and victimized, now. thanks for the read. 🙂

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