This is one of the days when you want to shut the world out completely. You want everybody including your close inner circle to You don’t want to think or respond, you just want to be. You don’t want to do anything other than to sleep it all away, the days, the nights and every moment. You want to remain cocooned and sheltered for just some time and not expect to answer to anyone. You want to shirk responsibilities, forget obligations, detract from duties and obliterate expectations. I’ve always liked the phrase “clean slate”, “fresh new beginnings” and the “morning sunshine”. It reminds you of the new, of starting something and hoping expectantly. Sometimes your slate is so badly scribbled on, courtesy others and yourself that you want to wipe it clean. On some days you also want to make the most obscene gestures at people and hope they get the point.

There are also some days when you start a blog post hoping to write a lot but you lose steam and decide, “To hell with everything, I am just going to sleep.” and would ideally want to do that, if it were not for certain concerned people who stay up just to talk to you.

Moral of the Story: Be careful who you allow to scribble on your slate.


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