“You wouldn’t fit there anyway.”

Four years is sufficient time to leave impressions on people’s mind and impact their lives as well, powerfully at that. In a way, this statement seems to ring true that possibly one isn’t cut out for “phoren” land, that the shores afar are best that way, afar. I agree to a great extent but isn’t it a fantastic part of life that one survives, sometimes thrives even, in alien conditions. Think about it, Darwin had thought it out well. This man knew what he was saying when he propounded this theory that human beings are adept at the art of survival be it surviving a bad day, a bad week, a bad year, a bad relationship, twisted friendships and highly expectant families. So probably, tomorrow, if thrown in an alien place, one might just survive.

It is one of those days when one wants things as they were, to rewind and stop the tape from where it got ugly, to remedy things. I miss the old friends, I miss the old life, I miss that attitude and most importantly I miss the old ego.

… It is the theory of survival kicking in.

Dear God, help me live through this awful week and the weeks to come.


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