A: Out of 4,675 known lizard species, only a few vocalize. The gecko is one. A female’s harsh warning call threatens. The male’s mating call sounds either like a bird’s melody or chirps. Listen to a lizard sing. Gecko calls, courtesy of Greg Christenson, Julie Bergman, Brian Nelson and Kandice Barna.

Some iguanas verbalize a harsh, guttural hiss, says Melissa Kaplan author of Iguanas for Dummies.

The male veiled chameleon produces a low, barely audible sound — an ethereal hoot, says Kenneth E. Barnett, who recorded the sound with the help of biologist professor Reginald B. Cocroft, now at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Lizards, however, usually communicate using body language: pushups, change of skin color, head bobbing, dewlap extension, posture changes, movement (strutting, for example) or making themselves look tall or flattened out. – Source: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/columnist/aprilholladay/2006-07-10-lizard-sounds_x.htm


Why am I researching on this?

Because I know of a woman who sounds / laughs (laugh is a sound) like a lizard but I swear to God, not only geckos make those sounds. All lizards do, it is like this cluck cluck with this tinge of a bell like sound or not, like ki-ki-ki-ki. Hell, how do I explain it! Point being, I know of a woman who laughs like one and I just heard it now.


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