You know those times when you feel your whole life is this convoluted mess of people, things-to-do, achievements, desires, thoughts, dreams and just about everything that has the potential to confound you? That intense feeling I term ‘confusion’ / ‘chaos’ – too much happening and not happening.

You know that feeling where you’re so darn saturated with something that you feel locked up in a room and want to scream insanely? That intense feeling I call ‘confinement’ / ‘restriction’ – too much of something, like 5 whole years of law school. Can we stop it already and move on? Really. This is a ridiculously long course self designed to kill every bit of enthusiasm, excitement, that feeling of looking-forward-to, the mad urge to jump around, be happy and just to live. Where is the Joie de Vivre? Oh wait, is there anything like that even?


But what about “attendance”?

Kill me, already.


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