What do you do when you feel like dancing at 00:22 and have this superbly huge article to read and present?

Dance. On your bed sans footwork. Tucked in a blanket as it is cold. Imagine yourself trim, fit and fine like those actresses in Step Up with their trademark short, torn tank tops, three-fourths and fancy sports shoes. Imagine yourself that trim and sculpted. Imagine yourself skimming the floor and effortlessly dancing to any beat with puckered lips and too much attitude yet looking gorgeous and sex-a-y. Imagine yourself with those feet that just move, just move. Imagine yourself a part of some crew and centre-stage.


Emergency.Emergency.Emergency.Emergency.Constitutional Law.Pakistan.India.Emergency.Emergency.Oh wait, no India, other fancy places like Seychelles.Emergency.Emergency.

Bright lights keep you straight,
Feels like looking in a magazine,
You run on the floor,
Feels like dancing is the way to go,
But if you let her see that fancy footwork
Show her that you are not that shy,
Let her see that fancy footwork
Show her you’re that type of guy.


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