You know that feeling when you dread the morning and tomorrow so completely that you wish you were dead before it came to greet you?

I know, now.

Dear God (if you’re listening), please please please let there be a holiday tomorrow or give me enough strength to not care and miss classes tomorrow or keep me so busy and occupied that I am not aware that the day is passing me by.

I mind being dead because I am still hopeful (prematurely so) about a better life ahead, like, my trip home in another (Dear Mother of God!) 3  WHOLE EXCRUCIATING weeks. (Dear Time, Fly. Quicker. – Me.) From home, I shall not return and shall give up on every relationship here, probably might renounce the world even though I wouldn’t like that.

Please Dear God, this is one time where you could really help me. (Like the several other trillion times.)

And how pointless are these classes anyway!


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