The cure to any headache Dear Reader is: a) Caffeine – A great cup of Coffee and b) Happy thoughts. What this cure does not include is: a) Doctors; b) People in general except Family; c) Big Issues and d) The Internet which includes related equipment like laptops. The two of the lousiest inventions of this generation are: a) Laptops and b) Digital Cameras. Let me explain why.

I was sorting out through old photographs today and this has been my happy moment of the day. Yes, I had a cup of coffee before I sat down patiently and categorised photographs hoping I could date them with the relevant event. There are just so many! It is like one can understand one’s own life by just seeing these photographs. While I regret the fact that I don’t have many complete family photographs, what really touched me was seeing my younger sister’s photographs. Absolutely moving. This baby was a stunner I say (And still is)! The best part is that I have been through all those growing-up moments without realising that one day  I’d look back at the times I wasn’t around. I never thought it was humanely possible to feel so much for one human being leave alone two. I do feel that way. Every photograph clearly reflected insane amounts of pain that had gone in to make that moment what it was, from the clothes worn, to the setting, to the effort taken to achieve those genuine smiles and just about everything. No human being is capable of appreciating fully the efforts and pains taken to parent a child. I can’t even begin to fathom how many hours my Mom spent in constructing the wooden fence so I could be Little Bo-Beep.

There is a very strong reason when we we say family matters and how they are priority. I seem to belong to a generation which firmly believes in independence and individual autonomy. In fact, on a few issues, I believe myself to be a capitalist far more than a socialist. In the context of family, the I, Me, Myself mantra just doesn’t add up. I for one do not belong to a family or a society where the pressure faucets are turned on crucial issues and thus have no reason to view my family as a cage. Individual enterprise with its reeking air of independence and freedom sounds great but it just doesn’t fit in because it is true when it is said that man is a social animal and that no man can live in isolation. This might sound like a strong opinionated post but this is to document for myself and for posterity why ‘Family Matters’.

Oh also why all digital cameras should be smashed to pieces (at least for family photographs) is because we as a generation believe in capturing moments on a camera in the cell phone or digitally or on webcams. So today we don’t have those happy Kodak moments on thick photography sheets stuck / inserted in albums. So I can’t go pull out an album accounting for the last five years of my life, instead I have to switch on my laptop and access the ‘Pictures’ folder. What is the fun in that?! I’d view them on Picassa, probably photo-shop them and put them on Facebook as my ‘”dp” or as an album. Others view them and like them. So convenient but what about when I don’t have a laptop or do not feel like lugging that heavy piece of machinery around and just want to view the past like I did yesterday. A piece of advice, a film roll doesn’t cost much and neither does a non-digital normal camera whatever it is called cost a lot. Go ahead, click and capture that moment. Remember, your laptop may crash tomorrow and your phone  might be infected by a virus but you can always preserve paper (environmental-friendly, of course).

As regards laptops, they are just stupidly heavy and turn people into couch potatoes. Any computer for that matter but I am willing to make an allowance for the desktop. You can’t lug it around so you can’t be occupied with it at any place in the house and at odd hours. Also, I will make an allowance for the Internet though it is a huge time-waste.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving! A necessary corrolary to this post is but obviously, thank God for family! 🙂


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