I need to start somewhere, so here goes.

R.I.P. This is in memory of three extremely special people, an Aunt whom I didn’t realise I loved so much, a Professor I wish I had spent more time with and a Brother whom I wish had taken the effort to know. It is unfortunate that I will have lasting regrets in relation to all three but each have played an important role at different points of time in my life for which I am eternally grateful. So as much as Dr.Brian Weiss and Hinduism provide extremely reasonable and compelling explanations for ‘death’ and its related rites and rituals, I find them meagre and of relatively less importance while trying to console people who grieve their loss. I am hoping that someday in a better spirit and at another relatively carefree time, I’ll script appropriate heartfelt eulogies to each. Till then, R.I.P.

I have never written a blog post in a more stilted manner. Call it writers-block or just the disposition of mind riddled with cares and extremely muddled, I just wish I could write.


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