…and it is a Thursday! It is plain unfortunate that whenever I wrap my head around a brilliant idea or have some great blog post almost drafted in my head, something just comes up that makes it practically impossible to blog it. For instance, registering to write a completely nonsensical and un-challenging examination which would determine just how capable I am to practice law. The process in itself is tedious and so completely lacks sense. But it is true, very little makes sense to me or rather makes sense in this country.

The other reason I am unable to blog is because I have been doing my best to act busy though I have zilch on my plate right now save for an extremely annoying note on a completely sad topic which has been so oft-written on. I sneakily surf / browse the internet alternatively job hunt and do my best at all times to look as if I have the world’s biggest business deals to finalise and am burdened with this monstrous amount of work that if I didn’t perform, I’d fail the world. The trick quite simply is to display this air of acting busied always and portray this look of total concentration and focus while you’re just zoning off, very like attempting to stay away in classes particularly the boring ones like Physics. In my defence that was the only subject I nodded off in, the rest I sailed through, reluctantly, if not happily. I don’t think I was reluctant when it ever came to studying though except when I had this short, tiny, extremely fit woman with low-cut apparel attempting to teach through actions that seemed like a cross between enthused gesticulation and this farmer chasing crows off his field. Extremely entertaining to watch once you tune out the sound (like the television) but bordering on earth-shattering migraine irritating once you pay attention and do your best to learn. The latter you give up after the first lesson when you realise that it is just dramatic reading straight off the module. The person in question is happily married today and looked very vicious? in her wedding photograph, very archy eye-brows and some sharp edges. I guess I don’t know how exactly to describe what I saw and I am definitely being mean but that woman was a pain. Or take for instance the high-pitched squeaking professor who just couldn’t teach and would read lines off a judgment. Not like work-place is any better, we have a lot of loud, squeaky, pitched voices  and I apologise for saying this in advance but these are the people who affirm the gay stereotype by acting a particular way. Sometimes, I really wish I could shoot them dead or just ask them to shut up, other times, I am entertained and find it wholly nice and sociable. Who am I to talk, I pretend to work, I pretend to like work and I am hunting for alternative career options or reading other blogs and being totally closeted and non-social. On the one hand, I have this smart and uber-cool woman who works and works out and has a very cool and happy friend visiting her for lunch and people stopping to chat and on the other is this guy she yells at who works for her.

Oh I saw three very funny things in the train today. Yes, I travel by train and eke out a living by struggling this way.

1. RED rimmed glasses with metallic golden BUTTERFLIES attached on the sides. This IS funny. Butterflies on the side of my head – that would like one warped creature!

2. A case of rebonded hair gone horribly wrong on a woman with a very elitist attitude and silver shiny bling rimmed shades. [Fyi, the train is for common people woman, get a car and then make that dirty face because you were shoved around. Everybody gets shoved / nudged / stepped on / hit / hurt inter alia on the train.]

3. Purple jeans. White shirt. Purple bag. PURPLE. Have you seen a Cadbury? Dirty it with a bit of green and you get that. I don’t know why I said green but PURPLE. What is the world coming to?! Or is purple the new pink? And what is the new pink, anyway?! Probably I have no locus to speak on such delicate matters since I am as colorful as a lawyer but God, was it purple!

Great now, I have people who hear me typing… I should log out!





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