I was aware of this and have, in fact, written a paper on this but never before has it struck me more than right now.

Google is tracking us every single minute. To give you an instance, I was logged in on gmail and used google search to find out how to improve hair growth. (Yes well, I might be growing bald what with this excellent brackish hard water here and it is terrifying to think that it won’t ever grown again especially because one’s hair line is suspiciously and scarily receding.) Obviously, I didn’t actually click on any of the links presented to me; by then, I was rather bored and none of the links had this sure-shot answer, it was the usual ‘eat this-eat that’ – all dietary considerations which anyway is impossible to maintain because everything, practically everything you eat is adulterated and I anyway sit all day at work – those calories are not going anywhere.) My point being that, that search is enough to trigger e-mails, essentially spam, to your inbox from hair clinics. What is even more horrifying is that I have had three smses sent to me on my mobile phone. And no, I haven’t posted my number online on any website online.

Strange co-incidence or probably, rather, plausibly, google is actually watching us.

Forgive the lengthy and verbose sentences. I just edited a SOP and I am not even falling through with my own suggestions.





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