Ask me why it is impossible to sit idle for hours at an end. I will tell you why. For starters, your eyes will get dimmer as you sit in front of the computer screen and eventually, you either want to shut your eyes or hold your hands across your eyes child-like or throw the monitor off the 9th floor or best, the CPU itself. You can’t enjoy reading when you have people walking across your seat and constantly glancing at your screen. I am NOT googling wrong stuff! Leave-me-alone! You can’t work productively on something you want to because you have this woman sitting beside you constantly peering across the divide that separates you and staring straight into your screen and going, “Whatssssupppppp?” Umm, the ceiling? Leave-me-alone. Everybody wants to see whether you are working and on what. Hell, why do you care? I am not asking you why you are so bulky or being such a spy. Just these reasons should be sufficient for one to figure out that being idle at work eats you up like those leeches except they don’t suck the bad stuff out, they just inject bad stuff into you.


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