There are some things that absolutely still your heart. They make you feel terribly sad and horrified at the world you live in. You feel helpless and just want to protect your near and dear ones but realise its futility. The parents of the Newtown Massacre victims would have done everything in their power to protect their children and to raise happy and healthy kids. They couldn’t have foreseen or predicted it, nobody could have except probably “Him / Her”, if you believe in a Higher Power. I do but I can’t understand why such a power would allow / condone / grant peace to the soul for something like this. Take the instance of the 23 year old from Delhi who was repeatedly gang-raped. Take the case of the 6 year old from Delhi who was raped by her neighbour. Take the case of the 26 year old lawyer from Bombay who was assaulted and killed. And so many other countless instances… each more horrific than the next. Dr. Brian Weiss of ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ may possibly explain ‘life after death’ well but, today, even that explanation falls short when it comes to accounting for these instances. I could say that the 20 year old’s soul – deceased in a car accident in Chennai (Out of the 6 people in the car, her front row seat led to her loss of life), had learnt all that this birth had to offer and hence the accident was a way of her moving on to her next life but as a human being who is deeply attached to her family and friends, I’d rather cry before the Higher Power than just accept this explanation. I don’t understand what crying can achieve really.  It is merely a human emotional response and doesn’t seek to achieve anything concrete. I mean is “He / She” listening even? And were that to be the case, what is the point? A life lost is a life lost at the end of the day.

Rest in Peace.


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