What is with us as a species that makes us so crazily competitive? Why is it that most often than not we find ourselves in situations which are awkward, sticky and slightly offensive? What is it about words that can hurt? After all, everybody speaks the same language and they are just words. Why give them undue importance or any meaning at all? Why do we care so much about what people say or think?

I think we should each be secure and confident with the person each of us is. It is hard though when you find yourself at a starting line when someone has already run a whole mile. It is tough to compete when the odds are stacked against you and are you in an unfair position or at a disadvantage.

I don’t think I am coping well at all. I just, more often that not, want to flee but to some extent, I am secure in what I want, rather, don’t want, so, cheers to that.

For starters, I don’t want long hours.

Nice one, if I should say so myself.


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