It is amazing how just one comment from a colleague can ruin your day. Maybe it is because you have developed a mental block to that kind of work / person or because it was the way it was said – a crude, curt and blunt reminder about work – the kind you hate and wanted to forget or maybe you are just lazy and don’t want the pressure on your head. Whatever be the reason, my day is perfectly ruined. It brings out the worse in me, the wrong, insensitive and hurtful side, which just wants to break a glass or just curl up in my blanket and sleep. I just want to get through this week and forget it all. So much for a great February. With idiots like these, who needs clowns and jokers. To circus recuiters, if you are ever on the look-out for quality clowns, kindly visit law-firms. You will just land a gold-mine with the kinds that are available here.

On a parallel and more serious note, never ever wish ill / speak ill / think ill of anybody. You never know when it might fall on you or that so many other people may be thinking the same about you. This applies even when one is in a foul mood.

Oh also, all the law-firm cribbers who stay late every single day, quit the cribbing and drop the act. Admit it, you are a workaholic with no life and just absolutely love the late hours, the attention, the oh-my-God-I-work-hard routine and the free pizza and cab ride.


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