I remember that one evening during an internship where I was getting delayed going home but I had somehow thought of this brilliant argument to a practically impossible and unresolvable issue. The brilliance of this argument was that only two people got it, one was, thankfully, the Partner and the other was me. It was this warped, twisted, out of the way argument that blindsided me completely. I was just for that one minute stunned at the extent to which I could go to defend a client’s case and felt that hell, if argued right, this could be pulled off. So what the clients were total idiots and had signed all the wrong contracts, there are always two sides to every issue and this could be their way out. This is law – there is always a grey area, you might hate that about it but that is what makes it exciting. Since I was among the two who knew and understood the argument, I was given the responsibility of drafting it for submission to the court. In fact, I remember at that point, I was almost sure that even the partner didn’t quite get all of it. It was in my hands entirely. I felt this should be one of the central arguments but held back from pushing it further, content with the fact that I had developed it. My other two colleagues finished inserting their bits and I finally had the computer and the document. I tried, very hard, to sound all fancy but hell, I realised this is the “court” and English is best kept simple. I drafted it and broke it down in as simple words as I could, drawing logical corollaries and concluding it the way I would an argument in a memorial. It was long but I had done it. At certain points while drafting it, I doubted myself and tried to understand the best way to put the argument across but there it was done and ready to be reviewed by the partner. Next morning, we received the reviewed document. There weren’t say drastic changes to the document except language had been corrected in my colleagues’ portions. I saw my argument just the way I had drafted it, left untouched and having passed review.

Today, I am in that place where I couldn’t care lesser about arguments, analysis, thought process, presentation, sounding smart, drafting well… Hell, I have changed.


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