25 Things You Can Forgive Yourself For

Thought Catalog

1. Spending too much time online. People who criticize others for being online too much aren’t exactly going to art museums and symphonies the rest of the day. The Internet is about as if not more useful than watching TV or reading a book. Hell, you’re reading right now.

2. Not caring about your work. Obviously, you should meet the requirements to keep your job. But anyone that believes you should have emotional investment in the rental car business or waiting tables is living a delusion, Do your job well, but go ahead and hate it.

3. Drinking. If you aren’t missing work or hating your friends or beating your family, a drink here and there will not destroy you. You’re liver, on the other hand…

4. Being single. People who need to be in a relationship are weird. Enjoy alone time. It won’t last forever and you can’t…

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