7 Things I Miss About College

Thought Catalog

1.Free time

I was busy in college, like super-obnoxiously busy, but somehow I still had free time. Even during my weekends, I am either writing, at the gym, reading for class, attempting to catch up on sleep or doing something or the other that is necessary. I just want more time to do unnecessary things like sit in a dining hall for hours on Saturday morning and judge all the walk of shames I see go past. Goodness, people had very little shame in college.

2.Classes I could bullshit

Don’t get me wrong, I was always and continue to be a diligent student. But I took some pretty hard classes so I had to balance them out with 1 or 2 that I could devote as little time as possible to. There’s really no such thing in grad school. Every class involves copious amounts of reading and most people are…

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