I Lost All My Best Girlfriends In My 20s

Thought Catalog

I recently moved back to my parents’ home in my hometown, St.Paul, Minnesota. Surrounded by childhood photos, I noticed distinct patterns about my socialization; at one point, I was the type of person who had BEST friends. Friends I wished I were secretly related to. Friends I planned my imaginary future life around. Friends I couldn’t imagine living without. Another significant observation: these formative relationships were all forged with other girls. Now 20 years later, my most significant relationship is with my partner (a guy), who I often (maybe obligatorily) refer to as my best friend. Although an endearing way to describe our love, it also speaks volumes about the absence of other significant relationships in my life. Namely relationships with women. What happened to my best friends?

I met Tanya the first day of kindergarten. Decked out in cowboy boots and pigtails she was one badass little 6-year-old. She…

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