10 Facts Worth Knowing About Sleep

Thought Catalog

1. People born blind don’t see images in their dreams. However, they do experience higher auditory levels in which they hear the dream instead of seeing images of it. A blind person’s vivid dreams utilize their other senses such as smell and touch.

2. In their first year of life, newborn babies often cause their parents to lose two hours of sleep per night. That balances out to a whopping average of 730 hours NOT spent in bed on dream street. Crazy, right? Now go thank your parents for their services and buy some condoms if you aren’t prepared to endure such massive depriving.

3. In 1965, Randy Gardner set the record for the longest sleepless stretch by a human being (with NO pick-me-up stimulants). Gardner remained awake for 11 days, 264 total hours, and experienced hallucinations, mood changes, troubles concentrating and memory lapses. So the next time you tell…

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