11 Lists Every 20-Something Actually Needs

Thought Catalog

1) 7 Calorie-Burning Moves That Don’t Require Moving

2) 3 Places Where I Probably Left My Phone

3) 24 24-Hour Food Delivery Places With Free Delivery And Also Free Food


4) 9 Reasons Brushing My Teeth Is Actually Bad For Me And It’s Okay That I Skip…A Lot

5) 6 Techniques For Getting A Boyfriend Besides Flirtation, Looking Nice, And Going Outside

6) 4 Steps To Understanding What The Big Deal Is With Jazz

7) 10 Numbers That, When Dialed, Will Put Me On The Phone With Andy Samberg

8) 3 Websites That Will Explain, Respectively, Benghazi, The Debt Crisis, And The NSA Scandal In Intelligent, Unbiased Language

9) 11 Ways That Avoiding My Friends To Stay In And Watch Parks And Recreation Is Actually Helping Me Live Longer

10) 20-Something Suggestions Of What 20-Somethings Are Supposed To Be Doing, How…

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