22 Signs Your Life Is Going As Planned

Thought Catalog

1. You don’t really know how to explain your job, because you’re constantly hesitating between “this is what I really want to do” and trying to somehow hint at “I won’t be broke forever…”

2. You spend most of your time at work staring out the window and waiting until the times when you can go to lunch or go home.

3. When you go out with your successful friends, you find yourself mostly jealous of all the things they’re accomplishing but whatever because like, you have the internet.

4. Even if you were directly asked, you would never fully admit how much time you actually spend on the internet.

5. There was a time when you used to keep things organized and make lists for the things that you wanted to accomplish, but at a certain point, you stopped checking them — and then just stopped making them entirely…

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