I have always wondered why people just can’t be nice to each other, in the sense, why can’t we maintain cordial relations both at work and otherwise. It is just unfortunate that I keep forgetting all the lessons I’ve learnt and, today it hit me with blinding clarity, Bam! – Ego, inferiority complex or in the alternative a God complex/ superiority complex. These past couple of days have been revision days, when you relearn all your past lessons, understand how you once dealt with them and the changes you need to make now.

For starters, forget sunshine and roses, especially, do away with the beautiful Sound of Music soundtrack. It is too lifting and ethereal to be heard in this situation. This is real life 101 and this is work place politics. Deal with it. Play the game. Smile and most importantly, smile in a fashion that not only irks but as if you are hiding a secret. Do take care to hide it well. Unleash your inner bitch and don’t feel bad about getting nasty. Be and act cold but put on a façade of warmth and happiness. Stash away all those insecurities and complexes, this is not the time to let them get an upper hand and get out your inner Goddess, the one who is terrific at work and who gives people the chills just by her very presence. Pretend the friendliness and act as if you are listening while silently examining your opponent’s weaknesses. Look down your nose, sneer and do act prissy.

All the while, most importantly, do not forget the person you really are and always, always, always go home and to your people as yourself as the one who is tired of these games and wants to go back to being an angel without a tinge of bitchiness. Let your people address your insecurities and chase your fears away as they protect you from all that is bad and harmful with the world today. Also, do not feel bad about what you’re doing. Understand that this is the way the cookie crumbles and as someone rightly pointed it out today, when in Rome do as the Romans do but also be a bit Indian about it or Grecian.  While you do see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep in mind that you need to survive in the meanwhile and it is the fittest who survive, rather, the bitchiest. Work towards that light diligently, pray and hope you reach there but do learn the tricks of the trade along the way.

Be a bitch. It feels good.


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