You know one of those people (colleagues) who just have to know everything? They quiz you about your life, your work (especially) and just have to do their best to be annoying in their attempts to soak and absorb every little tidbit of the law that you know? What? Where? How?

As human beings we are modeled to be curious about everything. We are curious about others more so and while some of us couldn’t give a damn about our colleagues’ IQs, it probably does make sense to keep tabs because ,hey, guess what, we’re competing. While some of us have our ears constantly open to hear every single conversation, the rest of us are tuned out to all of that and more because we have our headphones jammed on 24*7. Who’s to say the music’s off, eh? 😉 Our time is focused at reading the news, researching, blogging and googling random stuff like ‘Usain Bolt’ (by the way, do view the coolest picture of the decade of him running against the backdrop of a lightning bolt). While it might do one good to be in tune with the world, it must be remembered that curiosity, did indeed, eventually, kill the cat.


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