Small and Mean.

You know that stereotype in Hollywood movies where the fat guys are usually the bullies?

For once, they are bang-on.

Notwithstanding the fact that I sound prejudiced and this does not apply to you if you are a fat and nice guy (God bless you in that case) but my fat senior in office fits the bill.

He is fat, petty, mean and most importantly small man in the sense someone who is just riddled with insecurities and is out to get people with the aim of making them feel bad about themselves. It is about having this attitude where you think and perceive yourself as the King of the World because you have the knowledge and experience which the others don’t – this complete and utter air of superiority over others.

It may serve each of us well to know that while we may do well professionally, there is a side to each of us which determines our personality.

To fat senior, God, people must really dislike you.


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