You know those songs that make the hair on your arms stand up and gives you goosebumps all over?

I don’t mean the horror song kinds but the kinds that take you back in time to that exact time and place when the song was first played. A huge part of you wants to be back and that small part of you understands the futility of such a wish.

I get the whole life is a gift and you need to enjoy the present. Who better to know that but me who is usually lost in the past or is fretting about the future wanting a way out of this money-making place?

That is not the point here.

I am right now or was a minute back at the terrace of my hostel in college, fresh-faced and stupid (1st year, what do you expect?) but happy surrounded by a bunch of some really good people playing songs on their laptops. That was a time when I didn’t possess a laptop and was wondrous of the songs playing on the laptop.

What changed, I don’t know.


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