8 Ways To Have The Best 2014 Possible

Thought Catalog

1. Begin to eliminate all of the negativity from your life.

People come in our lives to serve a certain purpose and teach us a lesson, but sometimes we allow those people to stay in our lives far longer than we should. If anyone in your life brings you down more than they make you laugh or smile, or if you treat them like a priority when you are only an option to them–let them go. You can be cordial but they don’t have to be a front-runner in your life.

2. If you want to feel stronger, find your personal best way to do so.

Realize that the gym is not always the place for everyone to do this (for example, you’d need to dangle a cookie in front of the treadmill for me to get up and want to run in the morning). Taking a dance class at…

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