There are just these times when you enter a store which has this amazing sale and you say to yourself, “What the hell, I need to at least look once?”. So, you “look” and voila! you find these amazing set of clothes. So, you say to yourself, “What the hell, I slated shopping two months down the line but there is no harm in just trying them on to see how I look!” So, you end up in the trial room with many clothes and just for once (3rd time actually) everything fits you well. You look the way you want to look – slim, trim and fit. For once, (3rd time actually) you feel a bit like a Goddess who if she worked harder can sprout these set of abs and feel so good about reaching that stage where clothes just fit and fit well, at that. To a day of feeling good about shopping!

There are also these days when you enter the salon and exit looking like a diva. For once, you find that your hair is behaving and is ready to look absolutely beautiful. More of fancy expensive hair serums? Bring it on! I should have should have probably gotten the copper highlights as well. To a day of beautiful hair!

Lessons learnt: Sometimes, it just feels good to be a woman – to have these amazing choices while shopping and to feel beautiful.

Oh also, it would feel damn nice if you had a bank account filled to the brim and you didn’t mind some moolah leaving your account.


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