New Year Resolutions – Part 1

2 weeks late but here it is:

1. Complete reading the Game of Thrones series. (2 down (well, almost!)

2. Lose weight. (‘nuf said)

3. New job. (Also, ‘nuf said)

4. Travel. (Lone ranger? It is time to be brave.)

5. Para-sail. (Who wouldn’t love to be suspended in the air like a bird albeit for 2 minutes?)

6. #100happydays challenge. šŸ˜€

7. Dance/ French/ musical instrument. (Where are my girlfriends? I need to dance without a care! French, because, I love the language – Thank you, Mrs. Isaac. I have quit guitar twice before. – Maybe, the piano, this time! (very Ray Romano))

8. Overhaul my wardrobe. (The process is underway, so there! I am a quarter-way through this resolution at least.)

9. Tab. (Frivolous but it’d be great if I could sit on my desk and blog without my sneaky senior staring at my desktop.)

10. Yoga/ meditation. (‘nuf said.)


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