10 Telling Traits Of Lawyers

Thought Catalog

Not to knock my own kind, but one of the best compliments I’ve ever received from someone was that “you don’t seem like a lawyer.” It made me beam for days. Why? Here are a few generalizations of lawyers (whether fair or not).

1. A know-it-all vibe. Lawyers are in the business of selling services of being smart and knowledgeable about the law. While confidence is key in “selling” yourself as a lawyer, that confidence can very easily slip toward into an arrogant, smarmy “know-it-all”-ness that most people despise. 

2. Pessimism. Going along with the above, most lawyers make excellent lawyers because they are so gosh-darn pessimistic. They think of everything that could possibly go wrong and paper it. Rose-colored glasses are replaced with a “everything will fall apart” mentality.

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3. Anal-retentive. What brings value to a law firm is having attention to detail (business people don’t…

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