23 Signs You’re A Pisces

Thought Catalog

As someone born on March 3rd, I can verify being a Pisces is pretty great. We’re creative, spontaneous, easy to talk to, and genuine. How can you not love us? We’re adorable! Sure, we might get really emotional from time to time but that’s just because we feel SO MANY THINGS. Get ready, pretty fish people, because this list is all you about you.

1. You have a crazy intuitive nature and can sense other people’s feelings without them saying anything. You rely on your gut instinct when making decisions or sizing up a situation and you’re rarely wrong.

2. You can feel tons of different emotions all at once and you feel things very deeply.

3. You’re immensely creative, imaginative, and always working on a new project.

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4. You don’t do well in highly structured or conventional work environments or situations. You do your best when you…

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